The last photograph in the book Sotogrande 1961-2001 shows a group of children in a swimming pool, below which we added "to be continued...". In fact, we never seriously thought that the "to be continued" at the time would become Sotogrande 2001-2021, twenty years later.

IThat first book showed the start of the property development until the beginning of this millennium, highlighting the social, sports and urban development during its first forty years. We could say that Sotogrande 1961-2001 is like a family album of those who lived there. The album has grown and, over time, it has become Sotogrande 2001-2021, where today's protagonists are now the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the former ones.

The digital world, social inclusion and our environmental commitment, among other things that you will soon discover, have also entered our lives in the 21st century and, as one would expect, they are also included in the book. We hope you enjoy it!